Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Organisations are slowly moving from traditional reactive defense approach to EDR based solution. EDR has the capability to perform continuous endpoint monitoring, detecting malicious behaviour, ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats, Phishing, Credential Theft, etc, and initiating automated response for the detected events or alerts and report the state of security on a realtime basis.

What is EDR? 

EDR is nothing but a comprehensive indepth monitoring, detection and response approach called Endpoint Detection and response in a single unified management platform performing various set of diagnosis methods to stop or prevent an attack.  EDR has the capability to proactively detect threats and protect against hackers, malware attacks, anti-exploit for all end point devices. EDR platform also has the capability to continually monitor and manage their endpoints, show real-time visibility into the attacks of endpoints and also spot potentially malicious behaviours and respond to those suspected events immediately. EDR system feed information into a centralized database where it can be further analysed and combined with advanced threat intelligence feeds for a full understanding of emerging threats.

EDR has deep learning capability to detect unseen threats which are non-signature based threats and also triggers alerts of any suspicious activities before a compromise can occur.  EDR employs proactive technologies such as machine learning, behavioural analysis through sandboxing to identify any deep malicious activities or complex threats and trigger an automatic security response for immediate remediation. Many EDR tools have the capability to isolate a compromised endpoint from the network automatically and return the endpoint to the pre-infection state post remediation.

Overall EDR is a premium advanced level or nextgen antivirus end point protection with strong dynamic analysis and detection capabilities.

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Written by: Arun Velayudhan

(Founder/Technology consultant)

Mail: arun.velayudhan@tutelage.co.in

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