About Us

About us

CybKey is geared up to protect your cyber security threats for small/medium business and Enterprise business demands.
  • Our offering covers network security, end point security, cloud security, Mobile security, data security, SOC and security monitoring services and Professional services.
  • Securing your corporate network is the need of the hour.
  • IT system needs to ensure that users can connect outside their network/internet, regardless of where they are connecting from.
  • IT needs to proactively identify, block, and mitigate targeted threats such as malware, ransom ware, phishing, DNS data exfiltration, and advanced zero-day attacks for users.
  • We understand the complexity of today's security challenges and have the acumen and framework to address today's cyber threats.
  • We help you in addressing your biggest security concerns like Data loss, Data privacy, confidentiality and other day to day operational headaches.